Education for Schools

Quantum Technology is on the cusp of revolutionizing our society. We believe an early exposure with hands-on practice in quantum computing is indispensable for an education with vision and ambition. In the coming decades, quantum computers will disrupt a wide range of industries, ranging from finance and pharmaceuticals to clean energy and artificial intelligence. Today’s students will find themselves in the middle of this unfolding second quantum revolution during their professional careers.

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Courses for IT Professionals

Quantum Computers are eventually about programming, and programmers. We are convinced that the quantum industry can capitalize on the vast experience that generations of programmers have gained over the past decades. The courses we offer focus on practical aspects of quantum information, targeting IT professionals who love programming but prefer not to be lost in mathematical details. Everything is explained with an audience of programmers in mind. You don’t need a PhD in quantum physics to be able to follow the courses.

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